Giestas is a company that provides services in Forestry, Arboriculture, Herbicide Application and Forest Management.

They found MITIC as the ideal partner to develop a new website and optimize their Google Ads campaigns.


Project Summary

Giestas is a foresty services company from northern Portugal.

The company had been growing its paid advertising strategy and wanted to optimize Google Ads campaigns.

MITIC executed an optimization strategy in two stages. First, we developed a brand-new website, with strong imagery and clear calls to action.

Second, we audited the company's Google Ads strategy and reformulated existing campaigns around optimized landing pages.

Not only did this help the company level up its digital presence with a fresh, inviting image, but it also saw impressive results in Google Ads: conversions up 60% and cost per conversion down 15%.


United by the Forest

This is the motto that Giestas proudly shows on their website. Due to the scourge of fires, year after year, Portugal has lost thousands and thousands of hectares of forest. Giestas aims to counteract these numbers.

As such, the company makes it easier than ever to hire a forest clearing service, helping landowners make sure they comply with Portuguese regulations without dealing with all the hassle.


Professional, Through and Through

With the advent of several companies providing Foresty services, Giestas maintains itself as a leader in this sector thanks to its professionalism, materialized in professional equipment and highly trained employees.

We embraced this project with the same professionalism, revamping the company's Google Ads strategy to drive conversions up 60% and cost per conversion down 15%.

And now...

Giestas continues to lead this market segment, improving its services and delighting its customers.

We pride ourselves on continuing to optimize the company's website and Google Ads campaigns. We win when they win.