Tasty Petshop

Tasty Petshop is an online shop for pet products curated by a team of veterinarians.

They chose MITIC to develop their feature-packed online shop, to set themselves apart in a highly competitive industry.


Project Summary

Tasty Petshop is an online retailer focused on pet products.

This company set itself apart from the competition by providing a selection of products curated by veterinarians with more than 10 years of experience in caring for small pets (cats and dogs).

To launch their digital presence, the company wanted a well-designed shop with lots of incentives for customers.

MITIC achieved this by developing a website packed with features but without disturbing the user experience.

This online store provides an easy-to-navigate product menu and smart product search combined with customer incentives such as a points system, smart coupons and a refer-a-friend system.

The final result is a sales-focused platform that delights pet owners with an enjoyable shopping experience filled with benefits.


Customer-Centric Design

Nobody likes to enter an online shop looking for a specific product, only to go down a rabbit hole trying to find the actual product. Tasty Petshop's website solves this by providing excellent navigation, with a mega menu, snappy product filters and smart product search.

As a result, any product can be found in milliseconds, providing all the relevant info such as nutritional facts, appropriate pet age, appropriate pet weight, and several more.


Incentives Everywhere!

Who doesn't like a good bargain?

To stay ahead of the competition and maximize their customers' loyalty, Tasty Petshop's website provides powerful purchase incentives, including a points system, first-purchase coupons, flexible coupons and a refer-a-friend system (with anti-fraud detection).

As a result, the website itself becomes a powerful Marketing tool, dynamically placing attractive discounts in front of potential buyers and increasing conversion rates.

And now...

Tasty Petshop is certainly bound for great heights, with its customer-centric online shop.

We pride ourselves in providing world-class support, and this has been a key point of this relationship that will certainly last.