Sign PR

This spin-off brand of a renowned PR agency headquartered in Silicon Valley provides PR services for technological startups.

MITIC embraced their challenges of growing and optimizing earned and paid lead generation channels.


Project Summary

Sign PR was born out of the need of going after highly targeted technological companies globally, especially at early-stage.

With decades of track record from its parent company, Sign PR provides excellent communications management for disruptive tech companies, with a tack for securing tier-1 coverage across multiple outlets.

MITIC was chosen as the ideal partner to create Sign PR's lead generation website, with the challenge of providing a simple, clear path to conversion.

By opting for state-of-the-art performance enhancement technology and sleek illustrations, we brought to life a lead generation machine that outperforms every platform out there when it comes to performance:


Straight to the Point

Knowing that overcrowded and distracting landing pages can turn leads away, Sign PR wanted to go all-in on simplicity. Their website is a single-page-application with a clear message and one path to conversion.

Website performance was another key requirement of the protect. Not only is the website straightforward, it also loads extremely fast both on mobile and desktop devices, outperforming 95% of websites.


Targeted Lead Acquisition

Sign PR's target market was well-defined and so it quickly led us to set up highly targeted lead generation campaigns. SEO plays a huge role in generating leads and a backlinks strategy was also put in place.

In paid acquisition channels, SEA brings a consistent stream of leads. We also work with Sign PR in lead enrichment and qualification and see excellent results in lead nurturing campaigns.

We want high-value, well-qualified leads. Working with MITIC, we put all minds in to define a simple, scalable lead acquisition and growth strategy. The numbers don't lie - this strategy is resulting in solid growth.

Sign PR spokesperson

And now...

Growth requires constant learning and improvement.

Our work with Sign PR continues, especially in KPI optimization.

As we get closer to KPIs maturity, we can unlock new lead acquisition channels and double down on growth.