Preços Baixos

Preços Baixos is a growing retailer in the northern region of Portugal with 8 stores in the Porto and Braga districts.

They chose MITIC to develop a new website as a central stage of their communication and engagement with customers.


Project Summary

Preços Baixos is a retailer in northern Portugal.

As part of the company's expansion strategy, they wanted to set themselves apart from other retailers by having a new channel to interact and engage with their customers.

MITIC developed a performance-focused website that provides all the necessary info to customers and allows them to post their own feedback.

The website follows a functional design approach, with distinct pages for distinct customer goals, such as checking the latest promos, learning about the pick-up service, or posting a testimonial.

This has certainly improved Preços Baixos' footing in their target market while also improving customer relations.

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Presenting the Promotion Flyers

As happens with almost every supermarket chain in Portugal, Preços Baixos publishes weekly or monthly flyers with their upcoming promotions. These are the prime promotional material that generates customer interest and leads to increased sales.

As such, the website was developed so that the promotional flyers are easily accessible and can be intuitively flipped like a book directly from the website. By centralizing all this communication in a single place, Preços Baixos reduced customer friction and simplified its internal processes.

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Giving Customers a Voice

Aware that their customers are the main stakeholders of their business, Preços Baixos made sure that they were given a voice to be heard by all.

This was materialized in the form of a feedback page where customers can write their own testimonial. Once this testimonial is approved by Preços Baixos, it is displayed dynamically on the feedback page.

As a result, Preços Baixos highlighted its transparency and made it easier to receive honest customer feedback that can be vital when growing a retail chain.

And now...

As Preços Baixos keeps expanding its operations, we make sure that the website remains updated to the latest standards.

We pride ourselves in providing world-class support, and this has been a key point of this relationship that will certainly last.