This up-and-coming Portuguese fashion brand is turning heads around the world with their stunning clothing pieces.

They came to MITIC through a customer referral and saw us as the right partner to grow their sales.


Project Summary

LimonRose is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of high-quality women's clothing.

After a successful launch in social media (especially on Instagram), they felt the need to launch an official E-Commerce platform, reaching more potential clients and providing excellent user experience.

MITIC had the challenge of developing an SEO-friendly E-Commerce website that is simple and fun to use.

More importantly, the whole website was built on top of a solid analytics framework that allows tracking the whole customer journey and optimizing product pages with the goal of increasing sales.

As the website quickly generates traction, we are managing LimonRose's Google Ads campaigns and optimizing their customer acquisition costs.


Simple, Beautiful

We love working with customers like LimonRose because their product speaks for itself.

By putting the brand's beautiful clothes on the center stage, we provide website visitors with a delightful fashion experience. Vibrant colors and bold photos guide the visitor and highlight the unique value that LimonRose brings in every piece of clothing.

Because of this, the user experience on the website is purposefully simple: visitors are invited to explore products and follow a simple path to their shopping cart without any interruptions. Using a floating side-cart and fast page load times, we ensure a frictionless experience.


Always Testing, Always Optimizing

One of the main premises of this project was understanding KPIs from the very beginning.

The whole website was built considering what would be tracked and the business value that this data would bring. This allows A/B testing multiple elements and clearly seeing the impact on sales.

With this continuous experimenting, we expect to greatly decrease the customer acquisition cost over time across all channels and increase the average order value.

They made the whole process simple and easy and were extremely patient and professional. The end result was much better than expected. MITIC is part of the growth and evolution of the LimonRose brand.

Ana Gomes | Founder and CEO

And now...

LimonRose has a bright future ahead.

By making sure that their website is built on top of meaningful metrics, they will be able to continuously optimize their customer journey.

And by providing a stunning, simple-to-use website, they will retain customers for the long run.