Avelana is a textile company specialized in the production and marketing of the widest range of knitwear for garment making.

MITIC was their choice to develop a brand-new platform that enables leads to directly request quotes for their fabrics.


Project Summary

Avelana bets on cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality textiles in a very demanding global market.

Being a highly environmentally conscious company, Avelana goes the extra mile in ensuring that their processes and raw materials are eco-friendly.

Avelana's main challenges for this project were twofold. On one hand, the company wanted to greatly improve the user experience on their platform when searching and requesting quotes for textiles; on the other, they wanted to highlight the high quality standards of their products.

By directing all website flows to the "Collections" page, MITIC put Avelana's products on the center stage. The "request a quote" flow is seamless and fits Avelana's needs for acquiring qualified B2B leads.


All Roads Lead to Conversion

After understanding Avelana's target personas, the challenge was providing a simple way of asking for a quote, while providing rich information on each different textile sample. This was accomplished with a dynamic portfolio where filters optimize the browsing experience while individual product pages are concise and provide an actionable call-to-action.

The "request a quote" form was also tailored to Avelana's needs, to help them quickly qualify leads and follow-up on these leads in near real-time.


Getting the Right Positioning

In an industry where environmental issues have quickly become top-of-mind concerns for all stakeholders, Avelana wanted to point the spotlight at its strong commitment to eco-friendliness.

The company's many certifications are consistently shown across the platform, becoming proof of this commitment which is a major component of the company's values.

And now...

Avelana is growing as a national and global reference for knitwear production.

We keep working closely with the company in improving their digital portfolio and ensuring that they increase lead generation.

We pride ourselves on working with market leaders who do more than their fair share to help the environment.