Antepassados, a fast-growing genealogy service, allows anyone to discover their ancestors, in a unique ride through History.

MITIC was their choice to do a full rebrand, launch a new website and optimize B2C lead generation campaigns.


Project Summary provides a groundbreaking genealogy research service.

With a record-breaking delivery time, Antepassados uncovers over 5 centuries of ancestors, both through records research and DNA analysis.

MITIC had the ultimate challenge of developing a highly converting B2C website and optimize lead generation campaigns.

By opting for an emotional web designed with strong storytelling, each landing page that we created tells a wondrous story and prompts users to take the next step.


Optimized User Experience

The core of Antepassados' business revolves around generating B2C leads with minimal friction. Because they are launching a disruptive service into the market, the website must quickly position the service benefits while providing a frictionless conversion step.

After some iterations and a whole lot of A/B testing, we developed multiple landing pages with a top-down message all converging into a single conversion page. The conversion form is dynamic and requires minimal user input. This generated a 77% increase in conversions.


Highly Targeted LeadGen Campaigns

Feeding a steady stream of leads to Antepassados' website was the second highly challenging objective.

After doing a thorough audit to SEO, paid campaigns, and community outreach, we defined a series of experiments focused on growing traffic and optimizing conversion rates.

Not only did we unlock new highly converting acquisition channels, we increased the average conversion rates for existing channels by 52% and more than doubled the number of monthly inbound leads.

The challenge of bringing to market a highly disruptive service is immense. From the very onset of the project, we decided to look for a partner which would boost our entire digital platform and acquisition channels. MITIC did just that, with impressive results.

Bruno Faria | Co-Founder and CEO

And now...

As Antepassados' growth accelerates, we are letting the metrics show us the way forward.

Because defining growth KPIs was a day-one priority, we now have the history to make informed decisions.

We are uncovering the highest converting channels and focusing on these will provide sustainable growth.