ACRR is a non-profit organization for sports and culture and operate the largest cycling school in Portugal.

They chose MITIC to improve the usability of their website and to seamlessly manage their user base.


Project Summary

ACRR is a 30-year-old nonprofit that has quickly grown from a local association to the largest cycling school in the whole of Portugal.

They found MITIC through recommendations from our clients and presented us with the challenge of doing a complete overhaul of their legacy platform.

Through meticulous database optimizations, we salvaged of decades of digital archives and made them shine in a new platform with bold design.

Thanks to clear, compelling calls-to-action, we help ACRR drive different segments of traffic towards different engagement paths - be it enrollments on the cycling school, acquiring new subscribers, or promoting sponsors.

ACRR's platform is extremely rich in content. By putting in place a UX-friendly navigation, visitors can quickly find upcoming events and information about the different sports teams.


Making Rich Content Shine

As one may imagine, having a history of 30 years filled with events and accomplishments means a rich archive of content. Instead of keeping it forgotten, we brought this content to life on the new website.

To prevent a mess of pages and information, we did a thorough analysis of possible website navigation flows and implemented one that maximizes the user experience. In 3 or fewer clicks, visitors can find any page.


Everyone Has Their Path

Before we started working on the platform, we sat down to define the different user journeys for the new ACRR website. After identifying 3 personas, our challenge was providing a clear engagement path for each.

By understanding the distinct value of each persona, we adjusted every single call-to-action and website component to drive targeted traffic in each path.

And now...

ACRR keeps growing as a nationwide reference in sports and a prime example of promoting local culture.

Thanks to the new platform, ACRR can easily create new content to reach their users and keep them engaged.

We provide close support to ACRR in their digital endeavors and in keeping the platform fully updated.